Villa Alwin at I Departure

Maybe come Villa La Diva familiar to you. In 2006, 2007 and 2015, the Boerkampies were featured in the television program I'm leaving. In 2015 with Villa Alwin which we now also know as Villa La Diva. From October 2019, the Boerkamp family will start a new adventure and we can take over the baton.

Episodes I'm Leaving

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Episode 1: November 16, 2006
Episode 2: October 18, 2007
Episode 3: Special Episode - 10 Years I'm Departing - August 29, 2015

How are the Boerkampies doing now?

I'm leaving / 12 NOV 2018 – Alwin and Bionda Boerkamp, ​​better known as the Boerkampies, emigrated in 2006, together with their three sons Mike, Robbie and Jim, to Montefiore dell'Aso, Italy. They start a Bed & Breakfast and live their dream. The couple turns out to be a golden business duo and integrate without difficulty in the country known for pasta and pizza. The family is still in their place here, but is already forging new plans for the future. Because even though Villa Alwin is running fantastic. At the Boerkampies it starts to itch and they get restless...
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The Roelvinkjes look after the shop

This is a reality series from SBS6 in which Villa La Diva participated in 2019.
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