With the children at the campsite in Tuscany

Tuscany has something for everyone, including children! The province is rich in nature, cultural highlights, adventurous towns and wonderful beaches. This makes it the ideal place to stay with the entire family. Divacamp has listed the places for you that are a guaranteed success for you and your children when you visit this beautiful region.

A park for Pinocchio

Near Lucca is a park entirely devoted to the most famous puppet in the world. The beautiful park with images from the story of the doll made by Gepetto is especially beautiful and a good reason to read the story on the way to the holiday address.

Watching animals

Tuscany offers ample opportunity to view animals. Just spot birds of prey, special Chianina cattle or pigs in the wild or visit one of the beautiful animal parks. At Pistoia Zoo, for example, you will never be bored with 100 different species of animals. The European Fauna Park between Arezzo and Florence offers not only beautiful nature but also animals such as bears, deer, lynx and wolves. And, in the Centro Carapax, all kinds of turtles are caught and baby turtles are prepared for their first steps. For a little different, visit the prehistoric park in Peccioli for replicas of dinosaurs and even a volcano.

Water fun

The beaches and blue sea of ​​Tuscany naturally offer endless water fun for young and old. But for a day of 'other' water fun you can also visit the Acqua Village water theme parks with their wide variety of slides. Or opt for the Piccolo Mondo amusement park, with its highest slide in Tuscany, this park is worth a visit for the real daredevil.

For the sportsman

Experience a day full of adrenaline and adventure in 'Il Giardino Sospeso'. With courses of different levels, it is ideal for families with children of different ages. Also at 'Parco Avventura Fosdinovo' you are guaranteed adventure with 6 survival courses.clet

Cities with a secret

While enjoying the beautiful architecture and history, there is also a lot for your children to experience in the Tuscan cities. For example, every neighborhood in Siena has an animal as a symbol. Find the elephant with a tower on its back, the fountain of the turtle or one of the other animals. Visit Florence for its beautiful churches and the countless, funny, traffic signs of artist Clet: An arrow turns a fish and a stop sign into a pacman adventure.


Museums don't just have to be fun for adults. There are also several museums that are worth visiting for children. Visit the tough Vespa Museum in Pontedera with tough guys, spot all sorts of Flora and Fauna at Museo del Bosco in Siena and learn about the nature of the Mediterranean sea and coast in a natural way at the Museo di storia naturale del Mediterraneo. For children of all ages there is also Palazzo Vecchio Family Museum in Florence. The different rooms offer something for every age.

Back to the campsite after all adventures

When you return to your holiday home after a day full of adventure and fun, it is great if you can really unwind there. Divacamp also helps you with that. With our fully equipped tents at Camping Valicella in Tuscany, you can for example relax in a comfortable chair in front of your tent. Then relax completely in a wonderful bed so that you are fresh again the next day for a new adventure. Take today Contact on.

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