Useful tips for departure to the campsite

Summer is coming again! That means that Dutch people flock to the campsite abroad to enjoy the wonderful sunny weather, to sniff culture and to relax completely. Are you going to go camping this summer? With these tips from DivaCamp are you prepared to travel. After all, a good start is half the battle!

Packing list

We are quickly inclined to bring things that seem very nice at the moment, but we actually do not use them during the holidays, which is a shame. Moreover, it is easy to forget small but important things. To prevent this, we already shared a handy packing list with you in an earlier blog, use this!

Pack and go

It is wise to first pack the large, heavy items in your car. Put the smaller items around it. In this way you protect your belongings and prevent damage. In addition, it makes it easier to fit everything in your car. Make sure that items that you may need on the road are within reach. After all, it is possible that you will end up in a traffic jam.

Also check before departure whether your car holiday is ready to prevent any problems en route. Make sure that the oil and coolant water level is correct, check your spare tire and make sure that jumper cables, spare lights and fuses are present.

Travel Map

Make sure you know in advance which route you will take. When you start driving with navigation, this will by default choose the fastest route for you. However, the fastest route is not always the easiest route. Are you traveling through Austria? Then don't forget to pick up an autobahn sticker.

P, P, P

They are already on our packing list, but we cannot emphasize it often enough. Don't forget the 3 Ps: Passport, Poen and Pillen.

World tip

Most important is that you enjoy from the first moment. In this way you will arrive at your destination in a good mood and your holiday will start sooner!

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