At the campsite in Tuscany: an ideal holiday!

The hilly landscape, the many pine and olive trees, vineyards, sunflower fields, beautiful country houses and picturesque towns and villages make Tuscany a beloved province for campers. The campsites in Tuscany are therefore an ideal destination for a varied camping holiday for young and old.


Tuscany has a rich history full of tradition and cultural treasures. Florence and its museums with world-famous works of art, the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa (75 minutes by car), the atmospheric Siena (50 minutes by car), and the history of Lucca offer many opportunities for fun and interesting trips. Almost every day of the week there is a weekly market nearby with nice sweaters, delicious fresh fruit and typical Tuscan products.


Tuscany, famous for its beautiful light, guarantees beautiful evenings at the campsite and views of colors and atmosphere that only Tuscany knows. The lovely and varied landscapes are not only beautiful to look at but also invite to beautiful walks, varied bike rides and unforgettable adventures. And with 100 km of beautiful coastlines with beautiful beaches, Tuscany really has everything.


Although the Mediterranean climate of Tuscany has little variation, the differences in season are clearly noticeable. In the summer you can enjoy the southern European weather at a campsite in Tuscany. With daytime temperatures of over 20 ° C that can easily reach 35 ° C. Thanks to a permanent wind from the sea, the climate on the coast is pleasant in summer and it rarely rains. The Tuscan winters are usually mild and it really only snows in the mountainous areas and temperatures average between 6 and 10 ° C.

The climate in Campiglia Marittima, Tuscany Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep October
Avg max temp 18 ° 22 ° 26 ° 30 ° 30 ° 27 ° 22 °
Avg min temp 7 ° 10 ° 14 ° 17 ° 17 ° 15 ° 11 °
Avg. sea ​​water temp. 14 ° 17 ° 21 ° 23 ° 26 ° 22 ° 20 °
Source: weeronline.nl

At the campsite in Tuscany

FieldCelebrating antie at a campsite in Tuscany offers you the ideal holiday mix: A rich history, beautiful nature, long coastline and tasteful cuisine and tropical sun. Well-known cities, picturesque villages and other gems are also typical for this part of Italy. A camping holiday in Tuscany is therefore a wonderful way to enjoy the southern European atmosphere, good food and a radiant sun!

Whether you like terraces, sun-sea-beach, hiking or museums, at Valicella camp site in Tuscany all that beauty is within driving distance and on return you can enjoy all the conveniences that the tents of Divacamp has to offer. That way you can start your next adventure the next day.

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