The secret of Tuscan cuisine

Mangia fagioli, or bean eaters, the Tuscans are often mentioned by their countrymen. Not surprising if you know that bean has been an important ingredient of simple but high-quality farmhouse cuisine for centuries. But what is simple? Simple because no Michelin chef is needed to prepare the dishes. The power of Tuscan cuisine is in the freshness and quality of the ingredients that are invaluable. We would like to introduce you to this delicious kitchen.

How the Tuscan cuisine originated ...

Already in the Renaissance, Tuscan chefs were occupied with unrefined dishes that primarily had to support the taste of the ingredients. Unique, because at that time it was mainly the heavily spiced sauce that gave flavor to the dish. Undoubtedly, the gastronomy in Tuscany at that time already reached unprecedented heights, especially among the rich.

At the same time, the honesty and simplicity of this exquisite kitchen emerged from poverty. The passion for cooking was initially caused by a shortage. The daily fresh products that were available had to be prepared in a perfect way, a tradition was born.

Typical Tuscany


In addition to beans, bread is indispensable in Tuscan cuisine. It is baked without salt, which means it has a long shelf life and dries out less quickly. Because the bread itself is not very tasty it is often used as part of a tasty dish such as Bruschetta of Papa al Pomodoro.

Olio d'olive

Tuscan olive oil is somewhat bitter when young but soon develops the full and fruity aroma for which it is known. The olives, with the most important ones Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo en Penolino are harvested mid-November to mid-December.


Tuscany is a paradise of herbs. In the wild, grown in your own garden or in flower boxes on the balcony, everywhere the fragrant leaves and stems are ready to be added to the tastiest dishes.

Chianina beef & pork

The chianina beef dates from the time of the Etruscans and is bred in the Chiana valley. The beef is coveted for its low-fat, juicy and spicy meat, ideal for T-bone steaks.

Pork is also traditionally very popular in this region. Breeders make sure that the meat is of the highest quality, in short a solid piece of meat. The meat is processed in the most delicious meat products such as salami and is ideal for the tastiest rostinciana, grilled ribs.


Pecorino is often associated with the south of Italy but this delicious cheese is also produced in the heart of Tuscany. Delicious as a snack with a piece of bread and tasty to consume both young and old.

wineSweets and Pastry

Siena's famous sweets, the panforte, is a hearty delicacy made from almonds, hazelnuts, candied fruit, spices and honey. Better known are the Cantuccini, baked twice and therefore rock hard cookies with almonds to dip in the vin santo, or holy wine.


Tuscany is known all over the world and famous for its delicious wines. Wines like chianti and brunello are renowned all over the world. More about this in us previous blog.

Enjoy Italian at the campsite in Tuscany

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