The 7 places in Tuscany on the world heritage list

We already knew that Tuscany is amazingly beautiful and rich in history. But did you also know that this beautiful region recognizes no fewer than seven world heritage sites? One place even more beautiful than the other and all worth visiting during your holiday.

Thesiena historic city center of Siena

The historic buildings in the heart of Siena give the city its Gothic appearance. The city - known for its horse racing and built around the Piazza del Campo - was conceived as a work of art that blends into the surrounding landscape. Siena offers its visitors a variety of churches, museums and beauty to fully enjoy.

12 VVilla_Medici_Roma_01illa's and 2 gardens of the Medici

Spread over the Tuscan countryside are the twelve villas and two pleasure grounds of the famous de Medici family. The houses were built between the 15th and 17th centuries so that the wealthy banker's family could move freely through the province and became a permanent reference for royal residences throughout Europe.

piazzaSat del Duomo in Pisa

The Piazza del Duomo - also known as Piazza dei Miracoli or Square of Miracles - is world famous for its leaning tower. The square dates back to the 11th century and next to the tower you can marvel at the beautiful cathedral Duomo ', the baptistery' Il Battestero 'and the cemetery' Il Camposanto '.

florenceThe historic city center of Florence

No city has such a wide range of churches, monuments, palaces and museums as Florence. The city of legendary artists such as Donatello, Michelangelo Buonarotti, Boccacio and Leonardo da Vinci is compact, extremely well-arranged and with its historic architecture it is the symbol of the Renaissance.

It hist640px-San_Gimignano_torri_1oric city center of San Gimignano

As a symbol of wealth and power, the patrician families who ruled the city built about 72 towers. Despite the fact that only 14 have survived, the city has retained its feudal appearance and continues to play its role in the cultural traditions of civilizations.

Val d'Orcfall dorciaia

The high artistic value of the Val d'Orcia region is characterized by the beautiful agricultural area, the chalk plains and conical hills on which branches and farms dominate. The landscape exudes an oasis of tranquility and beauty and is therefore a favorite with many artists.

The historic city center of Pienza

In 1462, commissioned by Pope Pius II, Bernardo Rosselino designed the famous Piazza Pio II, surrounded by the Piccolomini Palace, the Depositia Palace and the Cathedral. Although the project was only partially completed, the city nevertheless reflects the artistic beauty of Renaissance architecture.

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