Fine Italian habits

Faced with the sober character of the Dutch, Italians are seen as true bon vivants. Great food, not too difficult, in short: la dolce vita. We have listed a number of Italian customs that we Dutch could learn from.

1. Drinking delicious coffee

Italy is a real coffee country, so you will come across many coffee bars where you can go for perfectly prepared coffee from early in the morning. The barista knows his customers here and knows exactly at what time of the day they want which coffee. In the morning the coffee bar is a real entry and exit, the coffee is enjoyed standing at the bar, a short conversation takes place and afterwards people continue with the day!

2. Have a nice lunch

Instead of eating sandwiches from home at the computer, Italians take the time for their lunch. During their break they enjoy a delicious plate of pasta, of which a glass of wine cannot be missed. That way, they can hit it again with full energy in the afternoon.

3. Breathe in and out

5 minutes late? No problem! Italians are not so concerned about time as we Dutch do. Tranquillo (calm) is the key word for happy life. You will hardly encounter any stress in this country, wonderful?

4. A walk

Before Italians go home after work, they go for a walk to eat an ice cream, to discuss the latest news from the neighborhood, to chat with the neighbor and enjoy the evening ahead.

5. Friendly and open

It is no surprise that family first comes to Italy. Italians support their family through thick and thin. But we also get to know strangers quickly. Even if it is only a short chat with the neighbor, if he is with an unknown friend, they introduce themselves and make a chat. You never have to worry in Italy that you are alone when you come to a party with unknown people.

6. aperitivo

Before we put our legs under the table for dinner, Italians first enjoy one aperitivo, a delicious glass of wine or cocktail with all delicious snacks. While having a drink, they take the time to discuss what happened that day and what the plans are for dinner.

7. Dinner

In Italy they do not sit at six punctually for dinner, but only around half past nine. They then enjoy simple dishes such as a pasta or salad with meat or fish that taste excellent thanks to the fresh ingredients, without having to stand in the kitchen for a long time.

Experience it for yourself

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