Celebrate spring in Tuscany!

For many years, most of the Dutch go on holiday in the summer. Not surprising, of course, because during the summer holidays the children are free and the temperatures rise. But did you know that Tuscany also has a lot to offer in spring? Think of breathtaking landscapes, wonderful temperatures and the opportunity to visit attractions in peace.

The first rays of sunshine

From the beginning of March, temperatures in Tuscany are rising rapidly. Although the evenings can still be chilly and Italians themselves often still wear thick winter coats, you can expect wonderful temperatures of up to 20 degrees from March. As spring progresses, these increase more and more. The seawater can also be fresh in the beginning of spring, but from May onwards the temperatures are pleasant enough in many places to take a nice dip.

Enjoy scents and colors

Nature is at its best in Tuscany in spring. The greenest region of Italy is in full bloom during this time and offers beautiful landscapes and views. With the bloom of all the flowers and the growth of the first fruits and vegetables, you also enjoy wonderful scent sensations.

Spring holidays in Tuscany

Tuscany has many traditions around their holidays. Enjoy festivals, get-together and discover these traditions during the following spring holidays:

April 5th Easter First easterday
April 6th Lunedì dell'Angelo / Pasquetta Easter Monday
25 april Giorno della Liberazione Liberation
1 May Labor Day Labour Day
30 May Compleanno di Pinocchio Feast in honor of the birthday of Pinocchio
31 May a MotoGP MotoGP on the Mugello circuit in the Tuscan hills
31 May – 8 June Mostra del Chianti Wine festival
2 June Republic Day Day of the Republic
17 June Palio di San Ranieric Celebration for patron saint San Ranieri in Pisa.
June 17 – June 25 Ceramic Festival Festival where ceramics are central in Montelupo.
24 June San Giovanni Florence Celebration of San Giovanni in Florence

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