Fine Italian habits

Faced with the sober character of the Dutch, Italians are seen as true bon vivants. Great food, not too difficult, in short: la dolce vita. We have listed a number of Italian customs that we Dutch could learn from.

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Italian lesson

Are you going on holiday to Italy soon or this summer but do not know the language? In the large tourist cities, many Italians can speak some English, but if you go outside it is useful to know some Italian words. DivaCamp helps you with a number of useful Italian words and phrases for you […]

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Celebrate spring in Tuscany!

For many years, most of the Dutch go on holiday in the summer. Not surprising, of course, because during the summer holidays the children are free and the temperatures rise. But did you know that Tuscany also has a lot to offer you in the spring? Think of breathtaking landscapes, wonderful temperatures and the […]

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The secret of Tuscan cuisine

Mangiafagioli, or bean eaters, are often referred to by their countrymen as the Tuscan. Not surprising when you know that beans have been an important ingredient of simple but high-quality farmhouse cuisine for centuries. But what's simple? Simple because no Michelin chef is required to prepare the dishes. The strength of the Tuscan cuisine is […]

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Tuscany and its wines

Tuscany, the enchanting hilly landscape, its excellent cuisine, the stories hidden in the picturesque villages and of course the delicious wines: a dream for every bon vivant. In this blog, dream with us to the beautiful vineyards of Tuscany and get to know its worldwide renowned wines. Rich history In the Renaissance, rich merchants […]

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