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You did not know this about Italy

That Italy is a fascinating and beautiful country is no longer a surprise. The delicious food, the beautiful landscapes and varying destinations make the country ideal for every kind of traveler. Despite its fame, the country has managed to keep many special facts hidden from the outside world. DivaCamp has 10 astonishing facts that you may […]

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Useful tips for departure to the campsite

Summer is coming again! That means that Dutch people flock to the campsite abroad to enjoy the wonderful sunny weather, to sniff culture and to relax completely. Are you going to go camping this summer? With these tips from DivaCamp you are prepared for a journey. A good start […]

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Packing list

Will you soon enjoy a wonderful holiday in Tuscany at DivaCamp? To make things a little easier for you, we have prepared a packing list with the most essential requirements. Useful for printing and checking off when you are packing your things.

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Celebrate spring in Tuscany!

For many years, most of the Dutch go on holiday in the summer. Not surprising, of course, because during the summer holidays the children are free and the temperatures rise. But did you know that Tuscany also has a lot to offer you in the spring? Think of breathtaking landscapes, wonderful temperatures and the […]

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With the children at the campsite in Tuscany

Tuscany has something for everyone, including children! The province is rich in nature, cultural highlights, adventurous towns and wonderful beaches. This makes it the ideal place to stay with the entire family. Divacamp has listed the places for you that are a guaranteed success for you, and your children, […]

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