You did not know this about Italy

That Italy is a fascinating and beautiful country is no longer a surprise. The delicious food, the beautiful landscapes and varying destinations make the country ideal for every kind of traveler. Despite its fame, the country has managed to keep many special facts hidden from the outside world. DivaCamp has 10 astonishing facts that you may […]

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Top 10 most forgotten items on holiday

When you go on holiday, there is nothing more annoying than finding out at the destination that you have forgotten something. Still, it happens regularly. DivaCamp has listed the 10 most forgotten items for you (so that you won't forget them next time).

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Good to know; Italian facts

Of course, every country has its own rules, habits and facts that you must take into account when you go out. Similarly Italy. Are you going on holiday to Italy? We have listed a number of useful facts for you that you should take into account when you are on the road in this country […]

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Advantages of a luxuriously furnished tent

More and more campers are using the possibility to rent a luxuriously furnished tent. Logical, because a furnished tent has many advantages. Are you still unsure whether a furnished tent is a good idea for your next holiday? Divacamp has listed the most important benefits for you.

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