Advantages of a luxuriously furnished tent

More and more campers are using the possibility to rent a luxuriously furnished tent. Logical, because a furnished tent has many advantages. Are you still unsure whether a furnished tent is a good idea for your next holiday? Divacamp has listed the most important benefits for you.

luxury tentAdvantage #1: Sleeping in real beds

After a long day full of impressions, nothing is as nice as falling on bed and dreaming of new adventures. Are you renting a furnished tent? Then you fall down on a real bed, so you don't have to sleep 'on the floor' and wake up the next day rested.

23Benefit #2: Enjoy immediately

After a long journey you don't have to set up your tent first, remove all things from the car, set up the tent and so on. Your furnished tent is equipped with all the necessary furniture and furniture. So you can immediately enjoy your holiday on arrival and you do not have to get up extra early on departure to break down and pack everything again.

3Advantage #3: No dragging

It is actually very simple: a furnished tent has everything you need for furniture and furniture. The only thing you have to take with you are your personal requirements. This not only saves a lot of preparation and cleaning up after the holidays, but also prevents you having to drag infinite amounts with all kinds of things.

4Advantage #4: a nice place on the campsite

Furnished tents have a fixed place. And to be honest, these are actually always beautiful, spacious places with both sun and shade and moreover not far from the facilities. Unfortunately, you do not have this guarantee when you arrive with a tent yourself.

5Advantage #5: Living space for the whole family

Although the cosiness of a tent also has its charms, especially when you have children, it is very nice to have enough living space to move around freely. Especially when your holiday is 'disturbed' by a rainy day, it is nice to be able to keep moving freely.

7Advantage #6: Place for all your stuff

Instead of living out of your suitcase and with items scattered everywhere through the tent, one furnished offers enough places to store your things. A furnished tent also has a real fridge. No superfluous luxury in warm countries such as Italy.

6Advantage #7: Freedom of camping

Camping gives a feeling of freedom because you are just a tent cloth away from nature. With a furnished tent you still enjoy this freedom, but in a very comfortable way.

8Advantage #8: Infinite benefits

Furnished tents offer endless benefits for holidaymakers who want to enjoy the freedom of camping and at the same time want to continue their holiday comfortably. Convinced? Book your holiday in beautiful Tuscany with the luxuriously furnished tents of Divacamp.

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