Tuscany and its wines

Tuscany, the enchanting hilly landscape, its excellent cuisine, the stories that lie hidden in the picturesque villages and of course the delicious wines: a dream for every bon vivant. Dream with us in this blog about the beautiful vineyards of Tuscany and get acquainted with her world-renowned wines.

Rich history

In the Renaissance, wealthy merchants and bankers laid the foundation for Italy's oldest continuous wine traditions. At the time, wine was considered an essential foodstuff and has evolved over the years into a luxury stimulant.

The wines of Tuscany

Its rich history has led to Tuscany developing into one of the most important wine regions in the world. The unity between culture and wine is nowhere as great as in Tuscany and you can taste that in its wines.

Sangiovese grapeChianti

If you say Tuscan wine, you say Chianti. The wine that has been pressed in the province for more than 30 years is based on the Sangiovese grape. In recent years the quality of this wine has improved considerably from 'moderate' to 'classico'. This makes the Chianti one of the best-selling Italian quality wines.


A second classic is the Brunello, a select wine of high quality. The powerful wine made from 100% Sangiovese grape comes mainly from vineyards in the southernmost part of Tuscany. For optimum odor and taste, the wine is aged for at least ten years.

Vino NobileVino Nobile

The Vino Nobile comes from Montepulciano and has the same composition as a Chianti. Thanks to the volcanic vineyards around Montepulciano, this wine has a complex and intriguing taste, full and floral.

Vernaccia de San Gimignano

Although Tuscany has real quality with its red wines, it does not work as well with the white wines. A major exception to this is the Vernaccia di San Gimignano. A fresh dry white wine made from the Vernaccia grape.

Vino SantoVin Santo

The pride of many winemakers: the sweet, but sometimes also dry, Vin Santo. The Vin Santo, or 'holy wine', is made from dried grapes of the highest quality and is a delicious dessert wine. Traditionally the grapes were dried by hanging them on gutters or laying them on mats. However, modern winemakers now use hot air for this. The wine that is pressed from the remaining raisins is then stored for about four to six years in small wooden barrels. Vin Santo comes out best with Cantuccini cookies at the end of a delicious Tuscan meal.

Turn dreams into adventures

Of course you can pour a glass of wine at home, close your eyes and dream away to that beautiful hilly landscape. You can also make your dreams come true during a wonderful holiday in Tuscany. Wander through the vineyards, watch the sun disappear behind the church of a picturesque village while enjoying a glass of Tuscan wine. Divacamp makes it possible with luxuriously furnished tents in the middle of all this beauty (and goodies). Book today.

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